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Sample Divorce Affidavit Form

If you are unwilling to attend a divorce court hearing,then you must fill out an affidavit form and then swear an oath in presence of the clerks,lawyers,and judges of peace.

Meanwhile,if you wish to be present at the trial,the affidavit form doesn’t need to be filled out or take an oath in front of that court apparatus. After a application is filed,the court will contact you and determine when you both must appear in court.

What Is An Affidavit For Divorce?

This is a legal document containing the statement of the couple where they together have agreed to divorce.

Divorce affidavit is an instrument that explains the progress and process of divorce where each of the couple must explain the reasons why they decided to take the way to end the marriage bond.

What Should I Write In My Divorce Affidavit?

Keep in mind,this is a legal document,there are standard rules on how to write it. Almost all affidavits allow anyone to fill them out,but to be considered valid requires a notarized process first.

Below are 6 top-line related guidelines for completing affidavits for divorce:

1. Title the affidavit

Giving the title affidavit in the form of a sentence notification to the reader about the essence of your statement of oath. Includes two things,namely:

In the case that you submit this written statement to the court,the case statements which are usually contained in the relevant court documents must also be included in this section,such as:

2. Make a statement of identity

In this section,you must include your personal information,including:

In other words,this section is an explanation of who you are in terms of the relevant facts and information that will be disclosed in this claim.

This section is used to start with who you are in relation to the facts you are about to describe. You don’t have to include your life story,but you do need to include information that is relevant to the claim you are making.

3. Write a statement of truth

Contains a statement of oath that the facts you disclose are accurate and truthful. The point is that you are forbidden to lie.

4. State the facts

This section may be the longest statement,so you need to follow some of these tips:

A. Stick on the facts.

Facts must be kept objectivity,then describe briefly but clearly. Never ever give your personal opinion. Then write down the following detailed information:

B. Describe your facts clearly

Reveal relevant facts according to the chronology of events as far as you can remember. Each fact that you explain must refer to supporting documentary evidence,and be written in a separate paragraph format which is numbered sequentially.

5. Reiterate your statement of truth

Repeat your statement of truth once more,but in shorter sentences,summarizing the statements of truth that you have made before this section.

6. Sign and notarize

After all the required information is complete,the last step is signing and proceeding with the process of noting this divorce affidavit document. The signing process must be carried out in the presence of witnesses and a licensed notary.

When meeting with this notary,also bring supporting documents that are still relevant to the case to be reviewed and signed by the notary.

In order for an affidavit to be notarized you will need to present an official identification card,such as a driver’s license or passport.

As a side note,before making a notarized affidavit you need to find out and study the laws of the state where you live,whether the state allows the remote notarization process or not.

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Divorce Affidavit Template
Divorce Affidavit Template Preview

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