PS Form 6182: Commercial Invoice

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Ps Form 6182 Commercial Invoice Template
PS Form 6182 Commercial Invoice

The USPS commercial invoice form is provided free of charge,you will only be charged during the package delivery phase.

What is PS Form 6182?

This is a commercial form used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for international shipments.

For convenience in detecting the location of the package being sent,Form PS 6182 is equipped with two tracking code numbers that can be accessed directly through the official USPS or FedEx website.

Do I need Form PS 6182?

This commercial invoice issued by the USPS is not required if you use a first class international mailing service,with the criteria for the weight of the package being sent less than 16 ounces. Valid only for documents in the form of general correspondence,or non-customs.

But in fact,this USPS form 6182 is required by the state border control agency as proof of the statement of the contents of the package. Meanwhile,to obtain a copy of the customs form,you can access it online,by telephone and fax,and the post office in each state is provided free of charge.

If you need a message service and/or print an online-based form (Click-N-Ship) it can be done through the official USPS website. The form will be sent to the destination address by regular postal delivery,and is expected to arrive within 3-5 business days.

A total of ten copies will be sent at once by the USPS,in anticipation of the need for copies of customs forms.

PS Form 6182 Instructions

Below are explanations and instructions for filling out the USPS Commercial Invoice form:

1. Global Express Guaranteed Tracking Number. The tracking code,which consists of a 10-digit number,is located in the lower right corner of the Shipping Label.

2. Complete address. Fill in the complete destination address,including:

3. Delivery Destination. List shipments intended for:

4. Ultimate destination country.

5. Exporting carrier. By default it will be filled with FedEx Express.

6. Number of packages. Default filled-1.

7. Total gross weight. Write in pounds and ounces.

If the shipment is worth $30 or more,the sender must fill in the data specifically for commercial shipments,as follows:

If the form has been completely filled in according to the requirements for delivery,you must sign a copy of the form and then put it in a plastic envelope. Attach a copy of this to the package and with the Air Waybill listed on the side of the address. Use a container that is 9.5 inches long and 5.5 inches high,so that it is large enough to cover the label.

Alternate Names

Download PS Form 6182; USPS Commercial Invoice PDF

Ps Form 6182 Commercial Invoice Preview
PS Form 6182 Commercial Invoice Preview

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PS Form 6182: Commercial Invoice

PS Form 6182: Commercial Invoice

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