Why You Should be Using a Natural Deodorant

Why You Should be Using a Natural Deodorant
Why You Should be Using a Natural Deodorant

There are a lot of benefits to using a natural deodorant as compared to using the conventional one. For an in-depth overview of such benefits, you should visit the Primitive Outpost website. One major worry about conventional deodorants is the use of dyes, additives, chemicals, and aluminum.  Aluminum is particularly a source of worry for sensitive people like those that are autistic, or people with multiple chemical sensitivity.

Some people discover that natural deodorants are more effective than conventional deodorants, and it is also possible for you to tailor the deodorant to your taste. Technically, the ingredients can be ingested as well, something you can’t do with conventional deodorants.

Essential oils are non-compulsory, but they can provide a lot of customization and variety to your deodorant. Only a small quantity of essential oil is required, just a few drops are enough. Essential oils add different scents to your deodorant. And with enough practice, you’ll be able to make deodorants for men, women, or unisex type of deodorants.

You can purchase empty deodorants sticks online or reuse old ones so that you’ll have a place where you can put your natural deodorant in. If you’re using a double boiler, all you need is a pan or pot of water and a bowl in which you can add the ingredients as they mix and melt together.

Some of the benefits of switching to natural deodorant are the following:

1. It decreases your health risks
The problem is that most of the deodorants that are on display inside the drugstore or a beauty center contain aluminum that can pose a threat to your health. Switching to an organic deodorant is highly recommended because you decrease your risks of having these kinds of diseases. You should also think about it especially if you have an existing chronic illness that you are battling with.

2. Lesser ingredients
The more ingredients that you are not familiar with are written on the back of the deodorant that you are using right now, the more you should beware. Using an organic deodorant automatically decreases the ingredients that you should be wary of. Most organic deodorants are made out of natural soda, essential oils, and some vegetable glycerin. They are safer to use, and they do, not pose a threat to your health, unlike deodorants that contain aluminum.

3. It’s not antiperspirant
One good thing about natural deodorant is that it’s not an antiperspirant. Considering the fact that your body needs to sweat to regulate its normal temperature, it is important that you use an organic deodorant. Antiperspirant is not good for anyone. It can disrupt the body’s normal temperature and introduce more problems in the process.

4. Prevent foul odor
The thing about deodorants that are made out of aluminum is that they can only mask the smell but not prevent it. Make sure that you totally get rid of the smell otherwise the condition will deteriorate. Simply covering up the smell will only provide a temporary solution but you cannot cover it up for as long as you want. What’s important is that you can thoroughly get rid of it so that you can boost your confidence when talking with anyone.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, and no one wants to experience that in the last few years of their life. A recent study revealed that aluminum diseases could eventually lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. Hence, you should make sure that you avoid any deodorant with aluminum and limit your exposure to it by using organic deodorant instead.

6. Safer for children
If you are still breastfeeding your child, what goes into your body will automatically pass on to your kid. Every mother will want to ensure the safety and health of their children. Hence, make sure that you do not use any deodorant that is made out of aluminum otherwise you expose your child to great risk. Your growing baby is more vulnerable to diseases, and if you are not careful with the products that you use, you can risk his or her health without even knowing it.

Now that you know the benefits of using an organic deodorant make sure to consider it and get rid of your existing deodorants as soon as possible. It will not only raise your confidence by having fresh armpits but can also ensure that your health is in good working condition.