What You Need to Know About Sbiancante Denti?

What You Need to Know About Sbiancante Denti?
What You Need to Know About Sbiancante Denti?

Sbiancante denti is just another term for teeth whitening. These days, the methods associated with it are getting more affordable and accessible. However, the more popular they get, the more money is being made here, thus resulting to the creation of harmful whitening procedures, products and even scams that can fool and hurt consumers. The teeth whitening industry alone can gather around $15 billion in sales and its marketing can’t even emphasize its safety information too.

If you are planning to undergo teeth whitening procedure, you have come to the right place. It is important that you know what you are doing before you take it. You only ever going to get one set of teeth for the rest of your life and it can get easily damaged if you don’t know how to take care of it.

Why the teeth turns yellow

The way for teeth whitening is addressed depends on the type of the stain on the teeth. Everybody gets yellow stained teeth as it is a normal part of growing up. When the hairs turn gray, the teeth turn yellow as well. It is the dentin, which is the inner part of the tooth, that yellows and not the enamel – the surface of the teeth. When the teeth starts repairing itself, the new dentin gets darker and the enamel goes thinner because of its exposure to food and beverages that comes in and out of the mouth. The color of your dentin shows through the enamel like it is some sort of prism, making the tooth look appear yellowish.

Aside from the aging factor, the gray or yellow teeth are caused by one of the following:

  • Hitting or fallingon a tooth
  • Taking tetracycline before the age of 10
  • Genetics, wherein it determines the color of your teeth right from the start
  • Silver fillings
  • Are very rare disorder called AI or Amelogenesis Imperfecta wherein it makes the teeth either brown or yellow
  • Fluorosis or too much fluoride

The enamel, which is the outer part of the tooth, can also get stained when you constantly drink wine, coffee, tea or when smoking tobacco.

How whitening works

One of the methods is intrinsic, wherein it refers in whitening the tooth’s inner part, wherein it gets soaked with the hydrogen peroxide gel, also known as the bleaching method. Depending on the frequency of this method, it is proven to lighten up the yellowish appearance of the teeth.

When the inner part gets whitened, the color that is reflected via the enamel gets lighter, making it look brighter and whiter what bleaching can do is actually lightening up the tooth’s inner tissue, and not the enamel at all.

The extrinsic way of sbiancante denti is done through removing the stains on the enamel, which is the outer part of the teeth. The stains that are left behind due to drinking coffee, tea, wine and even smoking can be removed easily by the hygienist or you can also make use of the polishing whitening toothpaste.