Tips on How to Make Squishies

Tips on How to Make Squishies
Tips on How to Make Squishies

Renowned and collectible Kawaii Squishies are portable, soft toys that have some sort of small connector that can is attachable to a backpack, cell phone or purse if necessary. It is without a doubt that Squishies are indeed very much kawaii, this is Japanese word that means cute. Squishies are fun to trade with family and friends and they can be accessorized in amazing ways. Click here to check out a collection of the amazing Squishies.

Very often you find Kawaii Squishies looking like little animals, like kittens or as wells as food, like muffins, cupcakes, pancakes or donuts. A number of them are licensed in order to have the collection tagged with the proper brand and small gold ball chain so they can come along on adventures.

Below you will find the steps for making Kawaii Squishies:

Choose a Style

While there are a number of kawaii Squishies put up for sale, it is vital that you make a decision on what shape of squishy you want to make. A very easy that most beginners start with is a donut. In order to get this shape, you buy a mini donut cutter since you will be making donuts.

Shape the Squishy

In order to make the donuts, make a batter with the baking powder, flour, vanilla, sugar, eggs, salt and butter in a large bowl. It is important that you have the dough chilled for two to four hours just so that it is easier to be shaped. Roll the dough to half-inch thickness and start cutting the donut using the donut cutter.