As the supervisor of the third District, Dave Roberts has got many different priorities that are all geared towards making the communities in his district a better place to live in. The various programs and legislature that Supervisor Roberts oversees are all for the benefit of his constituents in the area. His goals and priorities for the district are to make it a more liveable place. If you are wondering what kind of priorities that Supervisor Roberts has concerning the third district, here are his priorities that he has got for the area.


Supervisor Roberts understands the delicate balance of preserving the environment of the third district. And yet he also knows that developing the different areas of the district are crucial to ensure that economic development continues in the area. So Dave Roberts wants to improve the environment of the third district while also paving the way to infrastructure development. Supervisor Roberts supports the building of public parks and gardens, and he also supports the many different public beautification projects that are currently being conducted by the county. Supervisor Dave Roberts wants to make District 3 environmentally responsible and sustainable to make it a better place to live in.

Economic Development

Dave Roberts is also committed to providing jobs to his many constituents as well. He supports responsible fiscal action as a way to promote economic development in the area around the third district. And he wants to pave the way for many businesses and organizations to open up their operations in District 3, so that new jobs can be created for the residents.

Public Safety

He is also committed to making the third district a safer place to live in. Dave Roberts advocates for increased funding for the various public enforcement departments of the county. He has provided support to the San Diego police department, and he has also provided support and funding for the San Diego fire fighting department as well.

Health Services

He also supports many public health services. The supervisor is committed to providing access to basic health services to all of his constituents living in the third district. One of his many health projects is to limit the spread of HIV. Supervisor Roberts has been tireless in his work to campaign to increase public awareness of combatting the virus. And he has also provided funding to increase the availability of testing for the disease in the various public health clinics which are run by the San Diego County.

Social Services

Supervisor Dave Roberts also has many social services that are in place to improve the lives of his constituents. Public reading programs, education tours and drives, and so much more are part of the agenda of Dave Roberts. He supports funding for the development of current public libraries. And he also supports funding for the establishment of newer library locations as well. As a member of the Supervisory board of the third district, Dave Roberts has pushed forward many bills that provide funding to public instructions that provide basic social services to the people living in the third district area.