The Supervisor of the District 3 area of the San Diego County, Dave Roberts, will be part of the chair of judges for the San Diego International Fringe Festival. Supervisor Dave Roberts will serve as an honorary chairperson for the whole duration of the Fringe Festival. The International Fringe Festival will last for up to 11 days. And it will be held this coming summer in the San Diego County area.

The Fringe Festival in San Diego hopes to increase the visibility of the beautiful and bizarre performance arts that can be found in San Diego. Performance artists, who are not residents of the San Diego County, will also be invited to become part of the International Fringe Festival. Performance artists from all around the world will be invited to come to this arts festival to be held in San Diego City. This San Diego Arts Festival for the performance arts has been around for up to several years now. The San Diego International Fringe Festival has been going strong and is in its third year of being held.

Supervisor Dave Roberts is proud that the San Diego International Film Festival is going to be held in the local area. He says that many emerging performance artists are attracted to go to San Diego because it is a great place for developing arts and culture. The third district supervisor says that he is happy to be welcoming all of the new and talented artists that are coming to the festival. He is also really happy to see the many new and different international artists who come from such diverse backgrounds.  All of the international artists will come to the San Diego area and dazzle audiences and festival goers for 11 straight days with their performances.

Visitors can go to the San Diego International Fringe Festival by going to the venue located in San Diego City. The festival is to be held on the 22nd of July all the way to the 2nd of August. Multiple other venues across the city, and even past the border of Tijuana will be included as part of the festival venue as well. So there is a lot to visit and see during the Fringe Festival.

The main performance venue will be held at the San Diego theater. Any local performers that want to showcase their work will be able to do so at the theater. The Emerging Fringe Program can be a great way for newer local performance artists to showcase their work to the rest of the wider community in the San Diego area. However, you will have to worry because new applications for the program will only be accepted until the 15th of April. Any other submissions past the date will no longer be accepted. Families are also welcome to attend the festival as well. There are performance programs that are open to students, who are aged between grades seven to twelve. So if you have got any kids that want to perform at the Fringe Festival sign them up for the Emerging Fringe Program!