Louis Vuitton Bags Sale: How to Tell an Authentic From the Fake

Louis Vuitton Bags Sale: How to Tell an Authentic From the Fake
Louis Vuitton Bags Sale: How to Tell an Authentic From the Fake

If you are looking to purchase a Louis Vuitton bag, you will want to ensure that what you are purchasing is original. This is one important factor to consider if you are buying from a third party retailer or you want to acquire it in the Louis Vuitton bags sale online.

There are numerous fake designer brands available on the internet. It is quite unfortunate that your preferred choices of a designer bag are also one of the most copied of all time. In order to protect his reputable brand, Louis Vuitton took legal action against Google and eBay for selling counterfeits.

How do you find out that you are purchasing a heavily discounted genuine designer bag, and not an overpriced second-grade product?

Endeavour to visit the nearest Louis Vuitton store or a certified dealer. Get familiar with the product, examine it closely, and ask the sales representative to allow you hold the bags in your hands. If you can’t go through this process, check the bag design on an official or in a catalog.

There are four things to carefully consider when shopping for this item: materials, date code, hardware, and construction.

The popular “LV” monogram design was invented a very long time ago. On the original sets, the pattern is nicely detailed and symmetrical. The letter “O” in a real font is round, and not elliptical.

The original bag comes with the hardware incorporated a company logo or insignia and is in the appropriate material. It should be weighty and feel heavy when you carry it. On the original bag, Louis Vuitton uses a trim on the monogram sets and they are gotten from natural unrefined European calf hide that is durable and develops an attractive patina over a long time. Many counterfeits utilize synthetic products that are not durable and do not develop the same signs of age.

The construction of a real bag will always have perfect fittings. Each authentic set must pass a thorough inspection process. The stitching on the handles should be perfect, straight and balance, with the same number on the two sides. It should also come with Camel-colored handles painted red at the edges.