Essential Guide to Buying Chanel Bags

Essential Guide to Buying Chanel Bags
Essential Guide to Buying Chanel Bags

There are not a lot of fashion brands that will not allow you purchase their bags online these days but Chanel is one of the few holdouts. Even though the handbag heavyweight from France is fond of releasing progressively long and elaborate handbag brochures every season, you would still have to go into one of their relatively scarce boutiques to buy brand new Chanel bags. If the “brand new” part of the sentence is not that important to you, then we could be able to offer some assistance.

In the last couple of years, the online market for the sale of pre-owned designer goods has boomed, and with that has come alternative means of getting your claws on bags that were hitherto available in brick-and-mortar outlets. Depending on if you’re interested in selection, price, or how easy the overall experience is, there’s perhaps at least one service or website where you could buy precisely what you want.

eBay is the single largest resource for pre-owned designer items on the internet, and it currently houses thousands of Chanel bag listings. If your major concern is price, eBay is perhaps your best bet for getting the lowest prices their auction service takes a cut of the total sales price which is smaller than what resale or consignment websites will take.

When buying chanel bags here are some of the key issues to take up:

  1. Type

As when buying other brands of handbags chanel bags are available in different varieties. They include the classic flap bag that was designed in the 190s then re-designed in the 1980s. There’s also other options like totes, clutches, cases, etc. Each bag style is unique so it’s important to think about the look and feel you want your bag to have. That will make it easier to select the best style for the form and function you want the bag to have. This will require some research but it’s definitely worthwhile if it means you’ll get the perfect bag for your needs.

  1. New/Used

As with other luxury items you could consider both new and used versions. You can find quality used Chanel bags that are almost just as good as new ones. Whenever possible inspect the bag and look for any major damage. Even if it’s not in tip-top shape it should be in good enough condition that you can still get a lot of use from the bag. If you can find a “nused” Chanel bag in excellent condition it might be worth the fact it isn’t brand news.

  1. Size

When you buy a handbag from Chanel another issue to take up is the size of the bag. Some bags re available in limited sizes while others are available in several sizes from Mini to Jumbo. When picking a size it’s important to determine how you’ll use the bag. That in turn can help you to pick the right size for your particular needs. As a general rule you should consider picking a bag that’s a little larger than what you’d normally need. That will make sure you always have enough space for hold your stuff.

Another issue to take up about the bag’s size is the dimensions. That’s because the different sizes available could vary from one bag style to another. What’s Mini for one style could be Small for another style, for example. If you go by dimensions you’ll know the exact size you’re getting.

  1. Price

The price tag of chanel bags is based on several factors. They include if it’s new/used, style, retailer, material, etc. Make sure to shop around so you’ll be getting the best price on the bag. It’s a good idea to compare prices of a particular style at 3+ retailers to make sure you aren’t paying the highest price. The more shopping around you do the better price you’ll find.

  1. Material

The bags are also available in different materials. They include caviar leather, calfskin leather, patent leather, and others. Each material has a different look and feel, care instructions, etc. You won’t have to worry about genuine bags from Chanel being made of flimsy materials. However, you should consider the different form and function provided by different types of leather, for example.

These features will help you make the best selection among the various chanel bags on the market.