District 3

The third district of the San Diego County, which Supervisor Dave Roberts represents, is a vast country. The third district is an area that reaches into the valleys of the inner California area, all the way to the coastline seaside areas of the state. In all of the area of the district, there is a diverse area of infrastructure and industries. There are different kinds of communities and organizations such as a research center, military base, residential communities, business areas, and even major employment organization as well. Dave Roberts will adhere to the general management system of the county in order to provide a robust set of disciplined fiscal rules for the district. Roberts also promises to provide a better and cleaner environment for the residents of the third district. And most of all Dave Roberts wants to make the district a more livable and safer area for all of his constituents.

There are more than 600,000 people that are calling the third district of the San Diego county their home. And this huge population of people is living in five different incorporated cities that are stretched across the third district. And those five cities do not include the dozens of smaller towns and communities that dot the area of the third district as well. To that end, Dave Roberts wants to make all of the communities of the third district a more livable place. This is why Dave Roberts supports funding for a whole lot of different projects that can achieve that goal. Roberts supports the creation of parks in the third district. And he also puts forward budget legislature that will increase the availability of jobs for any of his San Diego county constituents. Roberts works tirelessly to provide the best kind of public service to all of the residents that are living in the San Diego District 3 area.

Among the communities that are located in the third district of San Diego County are the different coastal communities in the area. The communities that are located from Torrey Pines State Beach all the way up to the Encinitas are all part of the third district. And located in the southwest portion of the district you are able to the Sorrento Valley and the Torrey Pines Mesa. This is an area of the district which is very much well known for its biotech research industry. There are pharmaceutical companies researching drugs and even tech companies that are developing new technologies such as wireless devices. So there is a lot of industry and development that is happening in just the single part of the third district alone!

All of these various communities and cities in the third district receive public services from the County of San Diego. The County provides funding for public services such as police enforcement, public safety, healthcare and even public education as well. And Supervisor Roberts works tirelessly to be able to provide the best kind of fiscally responsible funding to all of the residents of the third district.