Dave Roberts has been part of the supervisory board of the San Diego County for over four years! And during all of that time that he has served as the supervisor of the third district of the San Diego County, he has garnered a very positive reputation among his constituents. Dave Roberts has got a reputation for being an energetic and active leader in the community. He is collaborative and works well with even the opposition party of his district. And most of all, Dave Roberts is really well known for his commitment to providing excellent public service to all of his constituents.

Before being elected to the supervisory board of the San Diego County, Dave Roberts has had a very diverse background working in private, public and even non-profit organizations. Dave Roberts first began his career in public service when he was elected as a member of the Solana Beach Budget and Financial Committee. He also served as a vice chairman of an organization that supported the Solana beach Library. Dave Roberts has also served in public office when he was part of the Solana Beach City Council. And as a Solana Beach City Council member, he oversaw many of the same public works that his job entails now. He has also served as the Solana Beach City Deputy Mayor and even the city’s mayor as well.

Roberts has also had a career in the US military as well. He worked for the Air Force of the United States. He has worked both in the Pentagon and at various locations in Europe. Roberts was also part of the committee and team that founded and developed TRICARE. Roberts was integral in the development of the health insurance system that is being used by the US military.

In the private sector, Dave Roberts was a corporate office for SAIC. This is a company that is part of the Fortune 500 company list. In his position as a corporate office, Dave Roberts oversaw much of the day to day management of SAIC. Roberts also manages and owns his own real estate company, which manages properties across different states.

Prior to working as a public servant, Dave Roberts has also had extensive experiences working with many non-profit organizations. He was a manager at the HIMMS. HIMMS or the Healthcare information management systems society is a non-profit that operates internationally. When he was part of the management at HIMMS, Roberts had much experience working as an advisor on health policy. He worked as a health policy advisor to many presidents, including the administration of President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama as well.

Current positions that Dave Roberts holds are as the chair of the board of supervisors. He also serves as the vice president of the California state association of counties. He is also the chair of the Shoreline preservation committee in San Diego.

Dave Roberts resides in a house in Solana Beach city. He is married to his long-term partner. He and his husband are parents to a family of adopted children.