All You Ought to Know About Teeth Grills

All You Ought to Know About Teeth Grills
All You Ought to Know About Teeth Grills

Gold grills have become more and more popular amongst the throngs of people who love the nightlife. A lot of the target group for teeth grills has been the young guys who want to catch some action or get the attention of a particular lady in the room by wearing diamond grills. However, there seems to be another side to all of this and it’s looking like the next big thing; ladies are also falling in love with wearing teeth grills.

Gold grills provide a lot of excitement, so why should the guys get to enjoy the attention alone? This is why princess grills are now available for all the ladies who would want to enjoy the spotlight as much as the guys. This is just like an additional jewelry or bling, but it comes at half the cost while serving the same purpose.

There are a lot of girls who spend loads of money on hairstyles, nails, and designer dresses who hardly get any attention from the guys. If you ever get to ask a guy what his thoughts are about a particular girl, it might not be how beautiful the dress is or how perfect her nails her, especially if he’s not really into the lady. In this case, a nice set of teeth grills could be a point of attraction.

All these trend about the gold teeth grills may seem like it is something recent and kept reborn again and again, usually in the hip hop scene. However, if you dig enough from ancient history, you will find that people in the ancient past were also used in having their teeth attached with gold and many other metals. Their purpose was either for status or as a means to replace lost teeth or filling up teeth that looks like it is out of place from the rest.
There are various records about who started it all and it is even a debate as to which culture or tradition really started it all. Most people would say it is the Ancient Egyptians, but others will argue that it is the Etruscans that started it. You will be familiar of the Etruscan name when they named their region Tuscany. It was around 800BC and 200BC, the time that the Roman Empire has conquered them. There were barely any papyrus regarding the Etruscans has survived, so the knowledge that people know about regarding them are excavated from tombs and graves. Various archaeologists started to dig in Rome back in the 1800s, yet almost every recovered gold teeth that dated back in the Etruscan times were already passed from one researcher to another, then brought in to America until most of them were lost during the transferring process. The only record or proof of their existence comes from written accounts coming from obscure journalists. However, in the year 1999 when the co-author of Turfa, Marshall Joseph Becker, wherein he pieced together the information available to him. The archaeologists also found various documentation of more than twenty sets of teeth that were woven with delicate wire made of gold just like the size of a rubber band. Records about its earliest discovery were dated back in the 7th century BC.
The first group to ever wear what today is known as grills are the rich Etruscan women. They were of high status wherein they have had their front teeth removed deliberately just so they can fit in there a gold band appliance that will be holding the reused tooth or replacement to it. Becker further writes that he found 3 differences on the technique applied on gold bonding that were used in welding the gold rings to the Etruscan teeth. From his observation, it wasn’t a dentist that did the application of gold. Evidences show it was a goldsmith. It was applied for one purpose only to adorn the teeth. Seeing from how the gold was applied, it was evident that it would be difficult to bite an apple with the gold appliance on the teeth. However, he stated that the application of gold to the teeth looked really good.
Every culture in history has shown various records of having their teeth adorned with precious metals and stones, not just gold. For example, the ancient Mayan people used jade, which they consider their precious stone. Aside from making it into masks, they also turned them into a kind of grill. Between the years 300 AD and 900 AD, the Mayan queens and kings would drill in holes into their teeth about 3 mm in diameter at the upper teeth, then fill it in with round jade.