Spain made a big decision in the mid-1700s to colonize the remainder of California. The European country supplied military support to local mission priests who were trying to convert Native Americans to Christianity. This explains why they raised Spain’s flag. How much do you know about the city of San Diego? An important happened in 1867 that influenced the development of the city.

However, when the war between the US and Mexico resulted in the US taking the California port. When the conflict ended in 1847 the city became part of the US. That was after it became the first Spanish mission in California 8 decades before, and then under Mexican rule for the next quarter century. That’s when Alonzo Frastus Horton got off a steamer and stepped on the land.

Following the end of the US Civil War, the population of Sand Diego had actually dropped by 50%. The situation changed due to the Gold Rush, which resulted in a land rush taking place in Southern California. Horton wrote that although he had traveled throughout the world he thought San Diego was the world’s loveliest place. That would later become the center of “new” San Diego.


Horton was impressed with the area after first visiting it. He purchased 960 acres and then returned to San Francisco. He sent up a sales office there to promote the city as a futuristic city. He became excited about moving to San Diego and building a city there.

San Diego was incorporated as a city in March 1850. It’s named after Saint Didacus of Alcala. The city has a population of about 1.4 people (2015) and is the second largest Californian city.

This site was built for residents of San Diego County’s third district. We’ve provided visitors several ways to contact us such as social media, email, and other methods. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to contact us. So if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, it’ important to contact us as soon as possible. We’ll try to deal with the situation as soon as possible. Like politicians representing the district we want to serve the residents as best as we can.

This site represents various priorities of San Diego County’s third district, including the following ones:


Public Safety

We believe that public safety is an issue that should be a concern for everyone. This includes police, fire, and lifeguards. These three groups and others work together to make sure that the city is as safe as possible. Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety for all residents of the third district.

There are various programs and systems that we use including 911 services, neighborhood watch, and others. We hope to provide quality service to residents 24/7 because it’s one of the priorities of San Diego and California in general. We believe that if we all work together we can help to keep the city, county, and state as safe as possible.


The county’s environmental services are here to service the residents of the third district. That includes the various environmental services that we offer. We have a customer service phone number and e-mail you can use to contact us if you have any questions or comments about environmental issues in San Diego.

We handle all sorts of issues related to the county’s and state’s focus on eco-friendly programs. They include various ones including composting, recycling, green energy, efficient street lights, and zero waste plan. We have many programs because we want to put Earth-friendly policies front and center.

Economic Development

This is one of the biggest priorities of San Diego County as the home of the second largest city in California. California is the most populated state in the US and third biggest by land. We hope to provide San Diego residents with top-notch service.

You can find information about a wide array of other topics on this site. We’re constantly adding new content to provide District 3 residents with the latest news and information. This will help to make you better informed about the issues that matter most to you. As always you should contact the site if you have any question or concerns.

Health/Social Services

This is another priority of San Diego’s District 3. It’s one of the 5 divisions of the government of San Diego County. It provides several health/social services in order to promote good health and a better quality of life for both individuals and families living in the county.

The county uses a service-livery system that is community-based and family-focused. The goal is to deliver in a cost-effective and results-focused way. The county’s program for a healthy and safe community is called “Live Well San Diego.” Through this program we hope not only to provide health and social services but more importantly to improve the quality of life of San Diego residents.


On the other hand, we also realize that local business growth is also important. So we also want to help local businesses use sustainable practices that will not only benefit the environment but also their businesses. We want to keep the environment in good shape for future generations. That’s why we want to work with individuals and businesses to make San Diego County one of the most eco-friendly counties in the state of California.

We hope to provide a business-friendly environment for the county. We provide various services such as for startup/relocating businesses, enterprise programs, and others. Another priority is to make sure that businesses are following rules and regulations required by the county and the state of California. If you have any questions about launching or operating a business in San Diego County make sure to contact us immediately. We’ll do our best to answer them to the best of our ability.

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A Look at How Pokémon Go is Redefining Our Communities

Pokémon Go, The new sensational app has redefined our communities, in the sense that strangers now join forces to capture imaginary monsters after tracking them down! What most people do not understand is that they are not sure if Pokémon just solved the gap that is between the lack of activity identified with digital devices in new generations and the adventurous ways of the old. We actually think that it might have. There is additional info about this on the PokeThrift website, thus it is recommended that you pay the website a visit.

If perchance you are a gamer, I am sure that you think of action and a game quest of becoming a Pokémon Master, when you think of Pokémon. On the other hand, if you are not a gamer, when you have thoughts of Pokémon you most definitely think of an exotic animal like creatures that have special powers and the ones that are attractive. It is important you are aware of the fact that Pokémon is like the Phoenix, unicorns, and other mythical creatures. It was actually not like this though until several years of Pokémon gaming.

There is no doubt that the Pokémon Go, by Niantic, has become an overnight success in the gaming world. In a question of days, it made an addition of over 9 billion dollars of value to the Nintendo name, which is very close to nearly surpassing Twitter in daily active users. The most shocking part is the behavior in our communities. Everywhere you go, you tend to see teens, kids, and even adults chasing fictional Pokémon through the streets when on their phones. There is no doubt that there are clusters of Pokémon Go players clustered together in every corner of every major city. These days it is conventional to find Complete strangers rallying together to fight each other with fictional monsters in order to defend imaginary markers on real-life locations.

A percentage of the public that sees this as nothing but a nuisance while there are others that believe it is of assistance to the socially challenged individuals in being a part of the community. Towns that used to lack excitement are now filled with active and dynamic groups of youth enjoying it as they playing Pokémon Go. Churches these days are seeing increasing attendance numbers owing to the locations of the battlegrounds within this mobile game. However, there have been accounts of players that find their way into areas where they do not belong; the majority of the players have traveled to common areas that provide us a nostalgic feeling of the good old days when people actually talked to each other over something as simple as coffee.

Pokémon is becoming one of the reason hang out with friends, visit a city, or just go for a walk. Many fan-based communities are popping up on the internet. Different Facebook events & groups have developed up with attendees and members in thousands. Most people are hoping this is not one of those bubbles and they are hopeful that it continues to encourage users to visit new places.

It is somewhat crazy that it requires an app for some people to go out and interrelate with the world around them; we actually cannot help but see the good side when we constantly think that this is a good thing for us.

What You Need to Do If You’ve Lost Your Keys

Majority of individuals hate it when they are in a rush, most especially when they are caught up in a situation when they are looking for something, like your keys. You might have had your keys while on your way out of the front door but at some point, you get to find out that they are lost owing to your busy schedule that day. If you’ve lost your keys, and no matter the time they got lost, one of the major problems is when you are ready to go into your apartment after a busy day, when all that is on your mind is to freshen up and have yourself a good rest. Unfortunately, you discover that you can open the locks to your apartment because the keys are missing. Rather than assuming that all hopes of getting into your apartment are lost, the best thing you should do at that point is to contact a locksmith in your locality and see them get busy with their magic fingers and in no time, you will be granted access into your apartment.

If perchance you are getting the feeling that this is one of those DIY tasks, there are some reasons why you need to leave this in the hands of a professional. Firstly, a professional has several years of experience working in this field, meaning that they will time efficient when fixing locks. In addition, you will ensure that the damage that will be inflicted on your safes, door and other items that need to be rekeyed is minimized.

When you are in search of a locksmith, it is important that you find the best locksmith in your locality. Since the majority of the jobs that are done by a locksmith involve your most valued possessions, it is crucial that you are on the competence of the locksmith that you are hiring. In order to ensure that you find a skilled locksmith, you should look out for certain characteristics in any locksmith that you intend on hiring. In order to assist you to make sure you are making the right choice on the best locksmith possible, below you will find a few attributes that any competent locksmith has.

First, the locksmith that you intend on hiring should be equipped with sufficient industry knowledge. It is without a doubt that new inventions are finding their way these days into the locksmith industry, and before you hire any locksmith, it is important that he/she should have all the necessary knowledge about the new trends in the industry and the way he/she can offer their services the best way possible. The latest tools assist locksmiths in doing their job more efficiently and much quicker, thus saving you money and time in the process. Only the best hands in the art of locksmith will ensure that they have the best tools for the job. These Providers are the ones that you want to deal with if you are interested in excellent results.

Another distinguishing characteristic you should look out for in a locksmith is around-the-clock availability. Whenever you find a locksmith, it is important you be convinced that he/she is a trustworthy, responsible locksmith just so that you do not go about searching for another one that will offer similar services to you. You get to save yourself a lot of trouble after you make sure that the locksmith is available for urgent assignments; you are indirectly creating a freedom for yourself from worries when you are in a situation that demands the services of a locksmith right in the middle of the night. Having that reliable locksmith at your disposal is an invaluable benefit, and something important that you should look for when hiring your next locksmith.

Why You Should Have a Long-term Diet and Weight Loss Plan

It is without a doubt that a number of individuals adopt various weight loss and diet plan, that is short-sighted. They most definitely have some sort of objective in mind, just so that they can lose a particular amount of fat for the desired purpose. This may actually be as a result of the fact that they have a tropical vacation ahead of them that would require that they look slim, in order to fit into the bathing suit. On the other hand, it could also be a diet plan adopted in order to burn fat quickly for either a special event or perhaps a wedding where they will be a lot so pictures were taken and the person wants healthy and fit images of them captured. It is vital that you are aware of the fact that short-term diet and weight loss plans will result most often in longer-term pain and in some cases weight gain. For tips on how to design an effective diet plan, visit

At the point, the question becomes – what fitness level and weight will you have most especially when you and your eating habits make settlements for another routine? Your quick exercise plan and weight loss diet is most likely not something that you can have extended for a long period, in order to have it become a comfortable routine owing to the fact that a crash weight loss and diet plan is exactly what it is.

Owing to the fact that our existence is in a world that is fast paced, it is necessary sometimes that, we take what people recommend to us at face value; because we cannot verify the efficacy of everything that we find.

Nonetheless, it is advised that you should be careful with the choices that you make, owing to the fact that there are many weight loss and diet tips available at our disposal that are not precise

Diet And Weight Loss Tip 1: The Fats in you should be entirely cut out is nothing but a myth.

This is not a precise information. In fact, there are fats in your body that will assist you to lose weight. There is no doubt that at this point that you are surprised.

Do not get it all mistaken or perhaps do not think for a minute that the statement is erroneous. If you accommodate so much fat in you, it will result in diseases, but having a small amount of fat in your diet will play an important role in keeping you healthy. Fats help the body’s intake of important nutrients and it assists the body feel plumper for a long period, thus allowing you to eat a whole lot less.

There are certain food items that have a high amount of fat but they are not right for you, the surprising part is that they play a very vital role in weight loss.

Diet and Weight Loss Tip 2: slash out as many calories as you can. Ensure that you Skip meals to the content of your heart. It is important you are aware of the fact that all the aforementioned are all lies.

There are just two words for you: Starvation mode.

If all you consume is low-calorie meals regularly, after time you will observe that your body is drifting into starvation mode. Right before you go over this, with thoughts that it is impossible to happen, it is important you are aware of the fact that the calorie level to move to the starvation mode is a lot less than anyone knows.

Tips on How to Make Squishies

Renowned and collectible Kawaii Squishies are portable, soft toys that have some sort of small connector that can is attachable to a backpack, cell phone or purse if necessary. It is without a doubt that Squishies are indeed very much kawaii, this is Japanese word that means cute. Squishies are fun to trade with family and friends and they can be accessorized in amazing ways. Click here to check out a collection of the amazing Squishies.

Very often you find Kawaii Squishies looking like little animals, like kittens or as wells as food, like muffins, cupcakes, pancakes or donuts. A number of them are licensed in order to have the collection tagged with the proper brand and small gold ball chain so they can come along on adventures.

Below you will find the steps for making Kawaii Squishies:

Choose a Style

While there are a number of kawaii Squishies put up for sale, it is vital that you make a decision on what shape of squishy you want to make. A very easy that most beginners start with is a donut. In order to get this shape, you buy a mini donut cutter since you will be making donuts.

Shape the Squishy

In order to make the donuts, make a batter with the baking powder, flour, vanilla, sugar, eggs, salt and butter in a large bowl. It is important that you have the dough chilled for two to four hours just so that it is easier to be shaped. Roll the dough to half-inch thickness and start cutting the donut using the donut cutter.

At this point, there is a high chance that you have purchased something squishy and cute and you will have a means of keeping them with the bubble that accompanies them in the pack. If perchance you purchased a squishy playset, you are in the best position of having fun with the bubbles in the squishies.

Over the years, parents have acquired knowledge on how stuffed animals are very vital to a newly born baby, they understand how that teddy bear transforms to a sleeping friend, best friend and close companion from day one. What adults see is nothing but a thread that is stuffed, while the young ones see a friendly and warm face that will not at any point disappoint them. Nonetheless, with the passing of each day and with the new designs in the market, kids tend to demand a lot more from their beloved toys and having few colored fabrics patched together is not an appropriate means of using the lifestyle accessory.

There are many toys with new designs that are presented to the public and they equally compete with other toys for the attention of infants and toddlers. It is important that you keep up with the latest trend of kid responsive fabrics and designs when you want to enchant the hearts and minds of the kids that are tasteful globally.

With respect to individual squishies, you can freely choose various characters like ponies, kitties, babies and not leave the rare items. The group of items that you can select from is divided into mainly eight different groups, among which include monkeys, elephants, fish, and much more to have fun with. You can choose from various colors and it is important you are aware of the fact that there are glittery materials too. If on the other hand you fancy collecting items, then the recommended option for you is nothing but the squishies. If you have a favorite club or anime, you can collect all the characters if you like.

Why You Should be Using a Natural Deodorant

There are a lot of benefits to using a natural deodorant as compared to using the conventional one. For an in-depth overview of such benefits, you should visit the Primitive Outpost website. One major worry about conventional deodorants is the use of dyes, additives, chemicals, and aluminum.  Aluminum is particularly a source of worry for sensitive people like those that are autistic, or people with multiple chemical sensitivity.

Some people discover that natural deodorants are more effective than conventional deodorants, and it is also possible for you to tailor the deodorant to your taste. Technically, the ingredients can be ingested as well, something you can’t do with conventional deodorants.

Essential oils are non-compulsory, but they can provide a lot of customization and variety to your deodorant. Only a small quantity of essential oil is required, just a few drops are enough. Essential oils add different scents to your deodorant. And with enough practice, you’ll be able to make deodorants for men, women, or unisex type of deodorants.

You can purchase empty deodorants sticks online or reuse old ones so that you’ll have a place where you can put your natural deodorant in. If you’re using a double boiler, all you need is a pan or pot of water and a bowl in which you can add the ingredients as they mix and melt together.

Some of the benefits of switching to natural deodorant are the following:

1. It decreases your health risks
The problem is that most of the deodorants that are on display inside the drugstore or a beauty center contain aluminum that can pose a threat to your health. Switching to an organic deodorant is highly recommended because you decrease your risks of having these kinds of diseases. You should also think about it especially if you have an existing chronic illness that you are battling with.

2. Lesser ingredients
The more ingredients that you are not familiar with are written on the back of the deodorant that you are using right now, the more you should beware. Using an organic deodorant automatically decreases the ingredients that you should be wary of. Most organic deodorants are made out of natural soda, essential oils, and some vegetable glycerin. They are safer to use, and they do, not pose a threat to your health, unlike deodorants that contain aluminum.

3. It’s not antiperspirant
One good thing about natural deodorant is that it’s not an antiperspirant. Considering the fact that your body needs to sweat to regulate its normal temperature, it is important that you use an organic deodorant. Antiperspirant is not good for anyone. It can disrupt the body’s normal temperature and introduce more problems in the process.

4. Prevent foul odor
The thing about deodorants that are made out of aluminum is that they can only mask the smell but not prevent it. Make sure that you totally get rid of the smell otherwise the condition will deteriorate. Simply covering up the smell will only provide a temporary solution but you cannot cover it up for as long as you want. What’s important is that you can thoroughly get rid of it so that you can boost your confidence when talking with anyone.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, and no one wants to experience that in the last few years of their life. A recent study revealed that aluminum diseases could eventually lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. Hence, you should make sure that you avoid any deodorant with aluminum and limit your exposure to it by using organic deodorant instead.

6. Safer for children
If you are still breastfeeding your child, what goes into your body will automatically pass on to your kid. Every mother will want to ensure the safety and health of their children. Hence, make sure that you do not use any deodorant that is made out of aluminum otherwise you expose your child to great risk. Your growing baby is more vulnerable to diseases, and if you are not careful with the products that you use, you can risk his or her health without even knowing it.

Now that you know the benefits of using an organic deodorant make sure to consider it and get rid of your existing deodorants as soon as possible. It will not only raise your confidence by having fresh armpits but can also ensure that your health is in good working condition.

The Best Beer Fridges for Storing Your Beverage

Beer can be divisive. However, whether you’re a Bud Light lover or you adore your craft brews, you’ll always need a place for storing your beverage.

If all you want is a nice place to keep your suds, but hate the fact that you have to get the mayo out of the way to get a cold drink, then the Igloo FR322 platinum fridge is your best bet. It can take a remarkable 100 cans, so it’s possible to use some of the space for onion dip and salsa.

The Igloo is an orthodox mini fridge – the type you’d find within a college dorm with a freezer up top and dispenser can on the door. This means there are colder temperatures up top compared to the temperature at the bottom, so you need to position your beer cans properly, cans may start freezing if they stay on the top row for a long period of time

There’s a choice for all styles and budgets. The costliest option is the silvery platinum which goes for about $158 on Amazon. If you’re interested in the bright orange version, you can get that for $119 with free Prime Shipping, and if that doesn’t work for you, there are other colors such as white, red, blue, black, and even lime options.

Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center

This model is specifically designed to handle beer cans and bottles, so it’s pretty much the best fridge that you are looking for. The 2.2-cu.-ft. capacity is one of the smallest yet reliable models that you could own. Even with its tiny size, rest assured that its impressive layout can accommodate some beers for up to 86 cans.

However, because of its convenience, compared to other models it may consume higher electricity in the process. But it’s just a small added expense if you’re going to consider the advanced features and benefits that it can offer. Rest assured that the temperature is properly distributed from the top to the bottom of the fridge to ensure that most sensitive brews are served chilled. The sleek design, user-friendly controls, and shelving that can be adjusted according to your preference are worth every single cent that you invest.

Igloo 3.2-Cu.-Ft Platinum Fridge

This platinum fridge is one of the highly-recommended fridges that should check out because of its convenience and reliability. Its clever layout will let you store up to 100 cans of beers. You can also store some of your salsa or onion dip for the vacant space.

This conventional mini fridge can give you everything that you can ask for. A dispenser mounted on the door and a small freezer on the top. The temperature is most likely more coldly on the top compared to the bottom. Just make sure that you do not place your beer in cans on the top row because there are instances that the cans itself freeze up because of the temperature.

For people who are in tight budget, you should consider this mini fridge. Its style and sleek appearance are worth the investment. Aside from that, there’s a wide variety of colors that you can choose from if you wanted to get off the traditional black or silver fridge.

Danby Contemporary Classic Chrome Line

For those who are into retro vibes and price is not a problem at all, then you should check out the Danby classic chrome line. It’s a mini fridge wrapped in crimson metallic red—perfect for your retro-styled house or room. The black interior lining is rather impressive, glass shelves on the inside and some LED lights to complete the look. Mini fridges couldn’t get any more stylish with this model.

It’s not just about pretty appearance because Danby is both stylish and functional. Rest assured that it can chill your beer in cans the way you like it without consuming too much electricity. The only drawback of this product is the price. It’s rather expensive for a mini fridge but this could be the best investment that you’ll have so far should you plan to buy this model.

These are just some of the best mini fridges to store your beers and sodas. If you enjoy drinking on a regular basis, then you should invest a fridge for yourself. In that way, there’s no need to run to the nearest convenience store in the middle of the night if you are craving for a can of beer and some chips.

Game of Thrones Conquest Cheats: What You Ought To Know

Game of Thrones Conquest, a game created and built by Warner Bros, was announced on the 30th of June 2017. If you’re a keen player of the game, you’d be interested in these Game of Thrones Conquest Cheats.

Equip Your Gear

It’s important to equip your gear so as to be able to make maximum use of the equipment you’ve got with you. That way, any soldiers sent out on risky missions will have the most useful armor and weapons required to assist them to get the victory at all times. Ensure that you put together a balanced army. Be mindful that Calvary troops are more offensive-oriented, Infantry troops make better defensive teams, and Ranged troops are experts at hanging back while they attack their foes. Upgrading the much rarer troops is an excellent worthwhile tactic.

Guard Resource Boxes in Your Arsenal

Don’t open them until they are needed. Invading other people’s keeps should boost your resource looting activities. It’s recommended that you log into the game every day as you’ll get the required resources just by doing that.

Ensure that you get and utilize the Game of Thrones Conquest cheats to get unlimited gold coins and the required resources to put together an indomitable army that can conquer all the kingdoms.

Never lose your focus on the main quest line

Game of Thrones Conquest is fun, with lots of ilk’s and adventures that await you. However, it is imperical that you never lose your focus on your main quests that you need to finish. As a starter, eventually, you need to complete simple objectives such as training a few of your troops or building your own mill. These quests are also a form of a tutorial, only that you are rewarded with supplies whenever you complete a certain quest.

Following the quests is important especially if you are planning to build a big empire in the long run.

Value your resources

Aside from that, you should also gather as many resources that you can and value them. Make sure that you do not ignore your sawmills and farms. Producing food and having wood to generate it is important. If you have a chance, we highly recommend that you upgrade your buildings as well. You should not stop upgrading the buildings even if your main quests are not requiring you to.

Gather and form a strong army

As a starter, you should think seven steps ahead. If you want to win a battle, I’m telling you right now, throwing a whole lot of infantry wouldn’t lead you to success. In fact, it can counterattack. Developing a strong instead of large infantry is important. For instance, develop an army with basic, ranged units, and cavalry. If they work together, rest assured that you have high chances of winning the battle and defending your unit.

Check the sidebar regularly

Game of Thrones Conquest also has a sidebar as a form of accompaniment. There are icons that you should click to tell you your current status. For instance, the idle builders that you have been waiting for you in assigning them a task. As you may know by now, idle hands should be kept busy otherwise they would be rendered useless. The second tab will tell you about what your troops are training right now. Train all your soldiers as much as you can. The third tab will show you your accomplishments such as the number of beasts that have been slain and the like.

Join an alliance

Considering the fact that you are playing Game of Thrones, it is imperical that you join an alliance. Fighting as a guild or a clan can help you to improve drastically. Aside from that, you will be rewarded 200 gold bonus just for engaging in one. Allegiance mates help each other so rest assured that you’d continue to improve while you are with them. It’s a win-win situation, and there’s nothing to lose if you join one.

Game of Thrones Conquest is indeed one of the best online games that you should play. It can help in killing your time if you are bored and you’ll also be thrilled with the new adventure that awaits you. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Considerations for Buying an Executive Condominium

It’s obvious that Singaporeans are still enormously status-conscious regarding the public-private housing divide. And this is possibly why the Rivercove Residences Executive Condominium (EC) came into existence. This is a public-private hybrid property type. It allows homebuyers make the most of CPF Housing Grants while at the same time enjoying condo services. ECs also fulfill the desires of Singaporeans who may otherwise have traded their flats and moved up the ladder to private property as soon as they could afford it.

The biggest pull for ECs is definitely the fact that while they are initially HDB property, in 10 years’ time they can be formally recognized as private property.

Apart from the bragging rights you’d get for finally being a private property owner, your flat could end up being a better investment, as you’d no longer be under the control of HDB limitations on selling. You can now sell your flats to PRs and foreigners, and buys won’t be bound by HDB rules on who can or who can’t buy.

In contrast, one disadvantage is that potential buyers will not be able to access CPF Housing Grants once the EC becomes private property, which could, perhaps, negatively impact your sale.

Considerations for Buying Executive Condominiums

Now, in order to experience the benefits of owning an executive condominium, here are the following factors that you should take into consideration:

1. Lesser amount of money to pay
Rest assured that you are still eligible for the CPF housing grants even if you have a low income. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t afford the EC anymore because you still can. Most of the Singaporean applicants that apply as a couple have over $30,000 CPF grants assuming that their income each is $12,000 or below. The EC’s price is lower compared to any full-fledged condo units but rest assured that you have all the same amenities such as fitness gym, swimming pool, bar, and the like.

2. You have the luxury of a private condo.’
Your EC may be still under the HBD for the first ten years but rest assured that you’ll be able to experience all the amenities such as swimming pool, tennis court, fitness gym, or a night bar. While some people simply ignore these amenities because of their age, some residents enjoy these amenities after a busy day at work. It still has the vibes of a private condo.

3. Single people are denied of EC
Since we are talking about family housing here, you should apply as a couple or with your husband or wife-to-be, with your parents, or any of your kids. Even if you are divorced, as long as you have a family with some kids running around you are qualified for the EC. However, if you are a single parent, technically single in your papers because you were never married in the first place, even if you have a lot of kids you will not be approved of purchasing an EC.

4. Manage your bank loan first
It is important that you manage your bank loan first especially if you are deeply concerned with the amount of interest that you are going to pay. However, when it comes to EC, there are limited options. Bank loans may offer you lower interest rates, but you need to provide a down payment first. Aside from that, they will limit you to up to 80% maximum only for the HBD loans.

5. Extra payment in mind
The HBD declared last December 2013 that all EC buyers are under the Resale Levy where they are required to pay the sum payment should they wish to repurchase another subsidized home. Resale Levy is already considered a reduction of subsidies if you’re going to have your second subsidized home. Also, keep in mind that this rule is only applicable on December 9, 2013, only.

These are the factors that you need to consider should you wish to buy an executive condominium in Singapore. Keep these tips in mind and rest assured that you’ll be able to buy the right unit for your family. Property investments are one of the most expensive investments you could make. Hence, you need to make sure every single cent is worth it.

All You Need to Know About the Cajon Box Drum

There’s been a marked increase in the interest for box drums recently. You’ll hear and see them all over the place in all types of music from jazz to flamenco, fusion, bluegrass, hip-hop, rock, and pop. A percussionist has also been featured on the American Idol house band who occasionally brings the Cajon box drum downstage to go along with an acoustic unplugged performance.

So, what exactly is a box drum?

Box drums, also commonly referred to by the Spanish name, cajón – which is pronounced ka-hone – are really very old. They were introduced by African slaves living in the coastal areas of Peru in the 1700’s. One theory making the rounds is that these instruments were created from shipping boxes and crates that were being offloaded from ships, basically because the Spanish overlords banned them from owning any musical instruments. As a result, slaves sat on boxes and made beats, and that led to the invention of a new drum.

The literal translation of the word “cajón” in Spanish is “drawer”. And there’s another theory that says an innovative musician brought out his wooden drawer and started making beats on the lean wooden bottom surface. Whatsoever the true story may be, the Cajon box drum has been part of Peruvian folk music for hundreds of years.

What you’ve read above is just the surface of it all. But did you know that there’s an even more interesting history behind the Cajon Box Drum? Here are some quick facts about it.

  • The early cajon box drum was sometimes made out of shipping cartons that were brought over by the Spanish ships during the Spanish colonial America. The small-sized dresser drawers were then converted into musical instruments if they could ever get their hands on one.

  • The cajon box drum is widely accepted as a percussion instrument. It is generally about 12 inches deep and wide and a height of 18 inches.

  • The five sides of this cajon drum are generally made out of thicker wood compared to its front side, where the trigger of the sound is by slapping it with the hands of the musician. Because it produces sound easily with just a light slap of the hand, the front side is thinner and is alluded to as the head.

  • The cajon box drums of today are sometimes made out of rubber with screws at the top in order to allow adjustments with the sound produced by it.

  • The sound of the bass drum is gained by hitting at the front or head’s center. The higher tone is achieved through striking the box drum closer to head’s top surface.

  • At the time the musician sits on the cajon box drum, they tilt their position while they play. Some of them slap the other surfaces if they need to as they want to achieve different sounds aside from hitting the usual area where the cajon box drum is known for.

  • The Cajon box drum is a very popular musical instrument in the Americas, Spain and the Philippines.

  • It is a popular instrument that it is even incorporated and used in varying music styles including Tondero, Zamacueca, Peruvian Waltz and Flamenco.

  • In the music of today, the cajon box drum is usually used as an addition or accompaniment to the acoustic guitar. It is also used in replacing the full drum set when space is not in favor of the music players.

  • Cajon may seem like a light version of the drum set, but they are now incorporated in different music types like blues, jazz, pop, rock and funk.

  • You can even find cajon box drums used in Irish music.

  • Cajon is known widely for using the hands in making sounds with the instrument. However, there are other striking tools you can use such as metal brushes, sticks, mallets, plastic brushes and even drum pedals – the ones that are used for the bass drum.

  • Cajon drums can also be used as part of classical orchestra music.

  • Famous cajon box drums players are Ruben Dantas, Mario Cortes, Mike Meadows, Stephen Paass, and Nina Rodriguez.

  • The cajon box drum was declared as a National Heritage in the year 2001 by the Peruvian National Institute of Culture.

You will find more facts as you dig deep enough about your interest with the cajon box drums.

Essential Guide to Buying Chanel Bags

There are not a lot of fashion brands that will not allow you purchase their bags online these days but Chanel is one of the few holdouts. Even though the handbag heavyweight from France is fond of releasing progressively long and elaborate handbag brochures every season, you would still have to go into one of their relatively scarce boutiques to buy brand new Chanel bags. If the “brand new” part of the sentence is not that important to you, then we could be able to offer some assistance.

In the last couple of years, the online market for the sale of pre-owned designer goods has boomed, and with that has come alternative means of getting your claws on bags that were hitherto available in brick-and-mortar outlets. Depending on if you’re interested in selection, price, or how easy the overall experience is, there’s perhaps at least one service or website where you could buy precisely what you want.

eBay is the single largest resource for pre-owned designer items on the internet, and it currently houses thousands of Chanel bag listings. If your major concern is price, eBay is perhaps your best bet for getting the lowest prices their auction service takes a cut of the total sales price which is smaller than what resale or consignment websites will take.

When buying chanel bags here are some of the key issues to take up:

  1. Type

As when buying other brands of handbags chanel bags are available in different varieties. They include the classic flap bag that was designed in the 190s then re-designed in the 1980s. There’s also other options like totes, clutches, cases, etc. Each bag style is unique so it’s important to think about the look and feel you want your bag to have. That will make it easier to select the best style for the form and function you want the bag to have. This will require some research but it’s definitely worthwhile if it means you’ll get the perfect bag for your needs.

  1. New/Used

As with other luxury items you could consider both new and used versions. You can find quality used Chanel bags that are almost just as good as new ones. Whenever possible inspect the bag and look for any major damage. Even if it’s not in tip-top shape it should be in good enough condition that you can still get a lot of use from the bag. If you can find a “nused” Chanel bag in excellent condition it might be worth the fact it isn’t brand news.

  1. Size

When you buy a handbag from Chanel another issue to take up is the size of the bag. Some bags re available in limited sizes while others are available in several sizes from Mini to Jumbo. When picking a size it’s important to determine how you’ll use the bag. That in turn can help you to pick the right size for your particular needs. As a general rule you should consider picking a bag that’s a little larger than what you’d normally need. That will make sure you always have enough space for hold your stuff.

Another issue to take up about the bag’s size is the dimensions. That’s because the different sizes available could vary from one bag style to another. What’s Mini for one style could be Small for another style, for example. If you go by dimensions you’ll know the exact size you’re getting.

  1. Price

The price tag of chanel bags is based on several factors. They include if it’s new/used, style, retailer, material, etc. Make sure to shop around so you’ll be getting the best price on the bag. It’s a good idea to compare prices of a particular style at 3+ retailers to make sure you aren’t paying the highest price. The more shopping around you do the better price you’ll find.

  1. Material

The bags are also available in different materials. They include caviar leather, calfskin leather, patent leather, and others. Each material has a different look and feel, care instructions, etc. You won’t have to worry about genuine bags from Chanel being made of flimsy materials. However, you should consider the different form and function provided by different types of leather, for example.

These features will help you make the best selection among the various chanel bags on the market.

A Brief Review of the Ketosis Cookbook

If you’ve completely run out of weight loss ideas, you can get more guidance and inspiration through the Ketosis Cookbook. This allows you to get precisely what you’ve been searching for, make menu plans for your loved ones or yourself, and create the foundation for a healthier you.

The Ketosis Cookbook is full of useful, nourishing recipes that will aid ketogenic dieters in their quest to remain in the ketogenic state. It features pages of keto goodness with beautiful photos for every recipe presented. With the excellent resolution of the photos presented, they are sure to whet your appetite from the beginning to the end.

The cookbook provides a great diet resource for people who desire to stop eating processed foods in favor of all-natural whole food that will offer long-term benefits to the body and mind. With a ketogenic eating plan, you are able to improve your eating habits and energy, undergo weight loss, improve your health, and regulate your metabolism without needing to concentrate on calorie reduction.

The book includes an easy and straightforward step-by-step program. All the recipes comply with the ketogenic diet guidelines, so you can start eating snacks and main meals as soon as you want with the quick recipes contained in the book.

A Brief Review of the Ketosis Cookbook

If you are a total newbie about this whole ketogenic diet, you might want to learn more about what this particular diet can do to your body. Keep in mind, though, that ketogenic diet is something that is not suited for everyone, which is why you need to learn more about it. The good thing about the ketogenic diet process is that you can virtually eat any food you want. There are just some exceptions to it.

Popularly known by its other term keto diet, it is a very popular diet scheme wherein it features a very low carb diet. The body creates ketones from the liver which will be then used as an energy source for the body. This is also referred as a low carb diet by many who have already dedicated a great deal of time with it.

When you eat a meal with high carbohydrate content, your body produces both insulin and glucose. Glucose is the easiest molecule of the body to turn into energy, thus it is chosen by the body as its main energy source. Insulin, on the other hand, is produced by the body in order to process the glucose found in the bloodstream, which is done by taking it all over the body.

Glucose is used as the primary energy source, which means that your fats of the body are not that needed, thus the body stores it. When you look at this on a usual higher carbohydrates diet, the body immediately uses the glucose as the main energy form. Just by reducing your intake of carbohydrates, the body will be induced to a state of ketosis. This is the natural process of the body that aids it to survive whenever the amount of food taken is at low levels. When the body is in this state, it releases ketones produced by the fat breakdown coming from the liver.

A keto diet that is properly maintained forces the body to get into this metabolic state. It is not about starving the body from calories but starving it out of the carbohydrates.

Benefits of Keto Diet

There are a number of benefits that one can get from maintaining this kind of special diet.

The first and most common aim of people wanting to get into ketogenic diet is weight loss. Based from the explanation of ketogenic diet above, your body is forced to produce the ketones from the fats of your liver because it has used up all the carbohydrates turned to glucose that was supposed to be responsible for giving the body its needed energy. On keto, the insulin level of the body greatly drops, thus your body burns a lot of fat.

The other reason for people getting into the keto diet is because of how it can control the blood sugar levels. The reason why this happens is because keto lowers the blood sugar levels naturally because of the kind of food that you eat. There are various studies that show the ketogenic diet being a more effective way in managing and preventing diabetes compared to diets low in calories.

Keeping Your Deleted Browser History Secure

A good number of people prefer to delete the application and browser history so as to get this deleted browser history far from prying eyes. Deleting or clearing the cache frequently also helps to conserve space on a computer’s hard drive. This is a function that’s available on various browsers and it’s a very simple and straightforward procedure. This piece presents an overview of how to carry out this action on the most popular internet browsers.

On Google Chrome, users are allowed to clear the whole cache with a few taps and clicks. In order to do this, the user has to proceed to the Chrome settings and locate the page that provides access to clear the browser data. The fastest way to do this is to enter the following in the browser bar: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.

To delete a particular set of data, the user has to select from one of the following items; download history, browsing history, cookies, cached images and files, other site and plugin data. Besides the option given to delete browser history totally (option for ‘’the beginning of time’’), other time periods are available for selection. For instance, a user can clear the cached information from the last four weeks, the past week, the last 24hrs, and the past hour.

Keeping Your Deleted Browser History Secure

Deleting browser history does give people that sense of security that nobody will every pry or even find out which sites you went to. Also, saving space is something that you must do so that your computer’s performance is at its optimal level. However, do you know that just by deleting your browser history it will keep you secure? Some experts argue that it doesn’t.

Here is their argument: deleting your browser activities is just like moving your folder filled with confidential documents straight to the desk’s drawer from the work desk. Even if the folder is completely gone from common sight, the documents still exist and that they can be found easily with just a bit more effort.

This may seem a bit confusing for the average user, so let’s put this at a technical perspective. The message here is clear – the browsing history that you have deleted can be retrieved by parties with no authority over it, even after you have made sure you deleted them either manually or through a third party software. The reason? You only need to understand how your operating system deletes your confidential information and you will get the answer right away.

But before delving into that subject further, here’s what your browsing history is really is.

The browsing history of every computer is composed of different items like cache files, cookies, site URLs, search history, download list and so many more. Ignoring the rest except the cache files, they are easy to retrieve. Once they are retrieved, they can be the key to reveal all the files you considered confidential to unauthorized parties. Basically all your internet activities will be exposed to them.

What do cache files do?

For example you have visited Amazon’s official website for the first time. This site comes with its own distinct logo brand, they have their own checkout card, sign-in field and many other items that remains for a very long time you visit this site. This site displays thousands of products that about hundreds of them are going to stay in the site for a short- or long-term. So what does that got to do with the browser? This is how the browser behaves – they will save the permanent elements of the page so that the computer doesn’t need to download them over and over from a remote server whenever the user returns to the site.

Such a feature saves up a lot of bandwidth and speeds up loading pages a great deal. However, you need to keep it in mind that the browser caches everything that it encounters for the purpose of it might find it useful again in future browsing. This can be a photo, video, image, podcast, URLs, logo and so many more. So even after some time the cache folder will become a digital diary that travels around wherein it carries a record of each websites that you have visited, including the activities that you were doing at these sites.

All You Ought to Know About Teeth Grills

Gold grills have become more and more popular amongst the throngs of people who love the nightlife. A lot of the target group for teeth grills has been the young guys who want to catch some action or get the attention of a particular lady in the room by wearing diamond grills. However, there seems to be another side to all of this and it’s looking like the next big thing; ladies are also falling in love with wearing teeth grills.

Gold grills provide a lot of excitement, so why should the guys get to enjoy the attention alone? This is why princess grills are now available for all the ladies who would want to enjoy the spotlight as much as the guys. This is just like an additional jewelry or bling, but it comes at half the cost while serving the same purpose.

There are a lot of girls who spend loads of money on hairstyles, nails, and designer dresses who hardly get any attention from the guys. If you ever get to ask a guy what his thoughts are about a particular girl, it might not be how beautiful the dress is or how perfect her nails her, especially if he’s not really into the lady. In this case, a nice set of teeth grills could be a point of attraction.

All these trend about the gold teeth grills may seem like it is something recent and kept reborn again and again, usually in the hip hop scene. However, if you dig enough from ancient history, you will find that people in the ancient past were also used in having their teeth attached with gold and many other metals. Their purpose was either for status or as a means to replace lost teeth or filling up teeth that looks like it is out of place from the rest.
There are various records about who started it all and it is even a debate as to which culture or tradition really started it all. Most people would say it is the Ancient Egyptians, but others will argue that it is the Etruscans that started it. You will be familiar of the Etruscan name when they named their region Tuscany. It was around 800BC and 200BC, the time that the Roman Empire has conquered them. There were barely any papyrus regarding the Etruscans has survived, so the knowledge that people know about regarding them are excavated from tombs and graves. Various archaeologists started to dig in Rome back in the 1800s, yet almost every recovered gold teeth that dated back in the Etruscan times were already passed from one researcher to another, then brought in to America until most of them were lost during the transferring process. The only record or proof of their existence comes from written accounts coming from obscure journalists. However, in the year 1999 when the co-author of Turfa, Marshall Joseph Becker, wherein he pieced together the information available to him. The archaeologists also found various documentation of more than twenty sets of teeth that were woven with delicate wire made of gold just like the size of a rubber band. Records about its earliest discovery were dated back in the 7th century BC.
The first group to ever wear what today is known as grills are the rich Etruscan women. They were of high status wherein they have had their front teeth removed deliberately just so they can fit in there a gold band appliance that will be holding the reused tooth or replacement to it. Becker further writes that he found 3 differences on the technique applied on gold bonding that were used in welding the gold rings to the Etruscan teeth. From his observation, it wasn’t a dentist that did the application of gold. Evidences show it was a goldsmith. It was applied for one purpose only to adorn the teeth. Seeing from how the gold was applied, it was evident that it would be difficult to bite an apple with the gold appliance on the teeth. However, he stated that the application of gold to the teeth looked really good.
Every culture in history has shown various records of having their teeth adorned with precious metals and stones, not just gold. For example, the ancient Mayan people used jade, which they consider their precious stone. Aside from making it into masks, they also turned them into a kind of grill. Between the years 300 AD and 900 AD, the Mayan queens and kings would drill in holes into their teeth about 3 mm in diameter at the upper teeth, then fill it in with round jade.

Evaluating the Importance of a Husky Tool Chest Review

With a high number of new tool cabinet/chest combo releases in the last year, Husky – a house brand at Home Depot – proves to be a worthy adversary in the cabinet/chest space. In fact, according to information gleaned from a Husky tool chest review, their new 52 inches and 56 inches tool storage offerings are sturdy, feature-rich, and great looking enough to be considered over various others.

Husky’s new line can be bought in either a 52 inches 15-drawer option or a 56 inches 23-drawer option. They both feature an all-welded steel construction coupled with a fantastic black matte finish in powder coat that’s resistant to rust and unlike the glossy finishes from other brands, won’t showcase your fingerprints. Both of these rest on six industrial-grade polypropylene casters – six in number (5”x2”), four of them swiveling with brakes and the other two not swiveling. These casters can support as much as 2,500 lbs.

Both of these units have full extension soft-close drawers with a reinforced top-deck lid sustained by heavy-duty gas struts. The slides on the ball-bearing drawers can support as much as 120lbs. each and the bottom cabinet drawers feature two slides on either side, making it possible for them to support a weight that’s twice as much.

Evaluating the Importance of a Husky Tool Chest Review

With a high number of new tool cabinet/chest combo releases in the last year, Husky – a house brand at Home Depot – proves to be a worthy adversary in the cabinet/chest space. In fact, according to information gleaned from a Husky tool chest review, their new 52 inches and 56 inches tool storage offerings are sturdy, feature-rich, and great looking enough to be considered over various others.

Husky’s new line can be bought in either a 52 inches 15-drawer option or a 56 inches 23-drawer option. They both feature an all-welded steel construction coupled with a fantastic black matte finish in powder coat that’s resistant to rust and unlike the glossy finishes from other brands, won’t showcase your fingerprints. Both of these rest on six industrial-grade polypropylene casters – six in number (5”x2”), four of them swiveling with brakes and the other two not swiveling. These casters can support as much as 2,500 lbs.

Both of these units have full extension soft-close drawers with a reinforced top-deck lid sustained by heavy-duty gas struts. The slides on the ball-bearing drawers can support as much as 120lbs. each and the bottom cabinet drawers feature two slides on either side, making it possible for them to support a weight that’s twice as much.

Husky is a brand that showcases a line of various pneumatic tools, hand tools and various tool storage items. The brand name is founded back in 1924, but they exclusively display and sell their products through Home Depot.

Husk is proud of their products and their recent addition is the talk of the town. You may be enamored by the hype of these tool chest. However, it doesn’t mean to say that Husky is not to be commended of their new offer to their customers. There is just this fact that their latest tool storage chest is not advisable for everyone, especially when your hand tools and pneumatic tools are only a handful and what you really need is just a smaller tool storage.

Before getting into the other types of tool chest, let’s discuss the newest addition of Husky in their product line recently.

Portable Rolling Tool Chest

The portable rolling tool chest, or also known by others as the drag-and-roll storage box is the most ideal for most buyers that prefer to have flexibility in taking their tools almost anywhere. These tool chests can be carried over in short distances, put inside a car trunk or truck bed and then rolled towards the job site. Many tradesmen in the industry prefer to go with this tool chest because of efficiency and convenience, including plumbers and carpenters as they are perfect for carrying along a good assortment of tools to a remote location or in a house for easy and handy access. The portable tool chest, just like the one offered recently by Husky are made out of metal and various other composite materials. Other brands have their portable tool chests made out of canvas materials and hard plastic, including the aforementioned ones. Aside from the Husky brand, other competitors you know about are Stanley, Snap-on, Kobalt, Dewalt and Craftsman. Some of these names are known to manufacture the tools under the Husky name exclusively for Home Depot, which is Stanley. Other names include Iron Bridge Tools, Apex Tool Group and Western Forge.

Combination of Rolling Tool Box and Workbench

Husky also offers a combination of the tool box and workbench. It comes in a rolling box that has a flat and large slab of surface at the top of the tool chest itself, which can be utilized as a workbench. What’s so amazing about this offer is that you get a tool chest below, while you can work on the surface. There is less need for a ready workbench whenever you want to work on some project right away. Usually they are waist-high, which is between 36 to 42 inches including the wheels. They are offered in different widths as well. Its top may be made out of composite metal or wooded work surface. Most of the time the top are made of the same material that the box was made of, with heavy duty plastic and metal being very common. With Husky, they are known for the use of metal.