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    May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

    Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month?

    At the County of San Diego, mental health awareness is playing into our meetings, programs and budget. I hope you can join us in removing the stigma from mental illness. Working together, all of us can live well and thrive.

    Mental Health Awareness Month began in 1949. For 2016, the campaign's theme is "Life with a Mental Illness." Nationwide, mental health professionals are encouraging people to speak up about how it feels to live with mental illness and to tag social media posts with the hashtag: #mentalillnessfeelslike

    Organizers hope that if people with mental illness share their feelings, others can understand whether they, too, are showing signs of a mental illness.

    In addition to this national campaign, the County of San Diego continues to strengthen its mental health programs and is asking the public for help.

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