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    $400k approved for homeless veterans

    Members of the Board of Supervisors double as commissioners on the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego. 
    In that capacity, we voted unanimously last week to approve up to $400,000 to fund a landlord incentive program to house homeless veterans.
    In a recent, countywide survey of homeless people, 15 percent of respondents said they had served in our nation's armed services. Meanwhile, we are seeing historically-low vacancy rates for rental units. That makes it especially difficult for homeless veterans to find a place to rent.

    By forging mutually-beneficial partnerships with landlords and property owners, we are determined to open doors to housing.

    We owe our military veterans a debt of gratitude. I appreciate their service and I appreciate the work of our staff as we move toward finding homeless veterans a respectable place to live.

    For more on the county's Landlord Incentive Program, click here.