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    Fire science program keeps us safe

    Since taking office in 2013, one of my top priorities has been to improve fire protection throughout the county. San Diego County is unique in that our fire season is year-round. Fortunately, our first responders work very well together. We have great multi-agency collaboration and mutual agreements among our firefighters and law enforcement officers. Our mutual aid agreements even include the military.
    One important element of our safety is the physical health and conditioning of our emergency personnel. Every year, firefighters must complete a Candidate Physical Abilities Test, or CPAT. And to do that, they must travel to a testing center in Orange County.
    That is why I am so pleased to have worked with Miramar College's Fire Science Technology Program, and other partners, to bring a CPAT location to San Diego County.
    Today, we have a fully-functioning CPAT center at Miramar College, where trainees and veterans alike can certify at the school's modern facilities. This is a huge win for our first-responders. Now, firefighters from throughout San Diego County-- from any agency -- can stay current with the physical health requirements of their demanding jobs without having to travel to another county.
    I am so pleased to have secured county funds to support this program. San Diego County is great, but we can make it even greater. I believe our local CPAT program makes us safer, and I will continue to work on your behalf to implement programs that improve our lives.