Spain made a big decision in the mid-1700s to colonize the remainder of California. The European country supplied military support to local mission priests who were trying to convert Native Americans to Christianity. This explains why they raised Spain’s flag. How much do you know about the city of San Diego? An important happened in 1867 that influenced the development of the city.

However, when the war between the US and Mexico resulted in the US taking the California port. When the conflict ended in 1847 the city became part of the US. That was after it became the first Spanish mission in California 8 decades before, and then under Mexican rule for the next quarter century. That’s when Alonzo Frastus Horton got off a steamer and stepped on the land.

Following the end of the US Civil War, the population of Sand Diego had actually dropped by 50%. The situation changed due to the Gold Rush, which resulted in a land rush taking place in Southern California. Horton wrote that although he had traveled throughout the world he thought San Diego was the world’s loveliest place. That would later become the center of “new” San Diego.


Horton was impressed with the area after first visiting it. He purchased 960 acres and then returned to San Francisco. He sent up a sales office there to promote the city as a futuristic city. He became excited about moving to San Diego and building a city there.

San Diego was incorporated as a city in March 1850. It’s named after Saint Didacus of Alcala. The city has a population of about 1.4 people (2015) and is the second largest Californian city.

This site was built for residents of San Diego County’s third district. We’ve provided visitors several ways to contact us such as social media, email, and other methods. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to contact us. So if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, it’ important to contact us as soon as possible. We’ll try to deal with the situation as soon as possible. Like politicians representing the district we want to serve the residents as best as we can.

This site represents various priorities of San Diego County’s third district, including the following ones:


Public Safety

We believe that public safety is an issue that should be a concern for everyone. This includes police, fire, and lifeguards. These three groups and others work together to make sure that the city is as safe as possible. Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety for all residents of the third district.

There are various programs and systems that we use including 911 services, neighborhood watch, and others. We hope to provide quality service to residents 24/7 because it’s one of the priorities of San Diego and California in general. We believe that if we all work together we can help to keep the city, county, and state as safe as possible.


The county’s environmental services are here to service the residents of the third district. That includes the various environmental services that we offer. We have a customer service phone number and e-mail you can use to contact us if you have any questions or comments about environmental issues in San Diego.

We handle all sorts of issues related to the county’s and state’s focus on eco-friendly programs. They include various ones including composting, recycling, green energy, efficient street lights, and zero waste plan. We have many programs because we want to put Earth-friendly policies front and center.

Economic Development

This is one of the biggest priorities of San Diego County as the home of the second largest city in California. California is the most populated state in the US and third biggest by land. We hope to provide San Diego residents with top-notch service.

You can find information about a wide array of other topics on this site. We’re constantly adding new content to provide District 3 residents with the latest news and information. This will help to make you better informed about the issues that matter most to you. As always you should contact the site if you have any question or concerns.

Health/Social Services

This is another priority of San Diego’s District 3. It’s one of the 5 divisions of the government of San Diego County. It provides several health/social services in order to promote good health and a better quality of life for both individuals and families living in the county.

The county uses a service-livery system that is community-based and family-focused. The goal is to deliver in a cost-effective and results-focused way. The county’s program for a healthy and safe community is called “Live Well San Diego.” Through this program we hope not only to provide health and social services but more importantly to improve the quality of life of San Diego residents.


On the other hand, we also realize that local business growth is also important. So we also want to help local businesses use sustainable practices that will not only benefit the environment but also their businesses. We want to keep the environment in good shape for future generations. That’s why we want to work with individuals and businesses to make San Diego County one of the most eco-friendly counties in the state of California.

We hope to provide a business-friendly environment for the county. We provide various services such as for startup/relocating businesses, enterprise programs, and others. Another priority is to make sure that businesses are following rules and regulations required by the county and the state of California. If you have any questions about launching or operating a business in San Diego County make sure to contact us immediately. We’ll do our best to answer them to the best of our ability.

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