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    A note to constituents

    In recent weeks, two of my former employees have filed claims against the County of San Diego. The claims contained serious allegations. Accordingly, I have reviewed the documents carefully before speaking about them publicly.

    This week, in numerous media interviews, I have responded in the most direct way possible. In short, the allegations are false. Some of them are malicious and flat-out lies.

    I never had an inappropriate relationship with a staff member. I did not misuse government funds. These are false accusations that are hurtful to me, my spouse, our six children, my staff and their families and to my entire constituency of more than 630,000 residents.

    In spite of this unfortunate distraction, my downtown office is running smoothly under the leadership of Mel Millstein, a well-known and respected professional with strong ties to the Third District. Also in my downtown office are Evan Bollinger, Janie Hoover, Adam Kaye, Christian Luna, Harold Meza and Roberta Walker. Meanwhile, Mayra Salazar Magos continues to provide outstanding service in my Escondido office.

    My priorities remain focused upon serving constituents and strengthening the programs and services of America's finest county.

    I don't know why the claimants took this hurtful step. But I know their allegations will be proven false. In the meantime, please stay in touch and please contact my office if ever I can be of assistance to you.